Our Service

  • Valuation Advisory

    Our valuation is widely adopted by public and private companies for various purposes, including investment, litigation support, taxation, financial reporting, M&A or IPO in compliance with relevant rules and requirements of regulators and professional bodies.

    • Business & Intangible Assets Valuation
    • Property Valuation
    • Machineries & Equipment Valuation
    • Financial Instruments Valuation
    • Contingent Assets and Liabilities Valuation
    • Biological Assets Valuation
    • Natural Resources Valuation
    • Expected Credit Loss Measurement
    • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Environmental, Social and Governmance ("ESG")Reporting

    We have a team of professional and experienced consultants to guide and work with our clients in preparation of a customized ESG and Sustainability report in compliance with rules, regulations and standards of Hong Kong and overseas stock exchanges and regulators. Our proposed working plan include:

    • Review all the related ESG issues
    • Identify and analyse disclosure of the ESG issues
    • Outline the boundary and content of the ESG report
    • Gather necessary information and data
    • Verify the information and data collected
    • Discuss the verified results and findings
    • Suggest further actions and improvements
    • Prepare the ESG report
  • Industry Research

    To cope with the ever-changing market, we understand our clients need more accurate and relevant information to make better and confident decisions. We produces thoughtful, forward-looking insight into trends, strategies and opportunities in diverse industries by offering our client a full range of research methodologies and solutions.

  • Feasibility Study

    By leveraging on our in-depth industry expertise and knowledge, we conduct due diligence and feasibility study on projects and corporate transactions, as well as risk assessments and sensitivity analysis. Our clients will have a better understanding of the risks and benefits of the projects and thus develop an action plan based on a more informed view.

  • Business Accelerator

    With Valplus’s extensive network and experience in valuation and financial advisory, we value every promising opportunities and act as a business incubator and accelerator focused on empowering start-ups and early stage companies. Through our platform, we provide you a broad range of support including business planning, restructuring, funding, network development and other professional services to drive business outcomes.

  • Property Consultancy

    Our property consultancy offers professional advice and practical solutions in relation to property investments, asset management, building survey, structural survey, license applications, unauthorized building works review, facilities maintenance and project management to our clients and their ever changing requirements for all types of property developments in Hong Kong, China and other overseas market.